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Welcome to your 8th grade US History through 1877 class! Many of the classes you have studied previously, contribute heavily to our understanding of the world through history, science, foreign language, and even literature. This class will help bring clarity to much of what you already know and to further explore American historical contributions, good and bad, to the world. We will uncover how our country began, the historical events that shaped our country, the machinations behind American democracy, and realize their impact on American society today. You will be examining the US through a historical lens and tasked to not only understand history, but also draw academic conclusions using primary resources and analysis to draw conclusions. Through interactive class discussions, teacher led instruction, technology, and inquiry based learning - we will tackle American history!

One of the most vital roles you will have in your lives is the role of the teacher. While some basic skills come to mind when describing the abilities of an effective teacher such as thorough knowledge in a specified academic field, three traits in particular make an outstanding teacher. These attributes can be coined as the three "C's"; care, character, and cause which is my undying motto for my students. Your success in the classroom is my number one priority and I will do whatever it takes to achieve it. This is my third year teaching and second year at Navarro ISD. I am looking forward to making my "junior" turn an exciting and memorable one. We have a lot to accomplish in a short time so lets take care of it!

Welcome to your class!