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Tips for Surviving Jr. High

Tip 1 – Organization- Parents help your children stay organized. Review your child’s agenda planner daily. Use the planner to communicate with your child’s teachers.
Tip 2 – Time Management- Parent help your child manage their time wisely. Students are involved in many activities and may need help developing a schedule that will allow them to accomplish their entire task. Parents be sure to set aside time to complete homework. Homework time should be scheduled at the same time everyday.
Tip 3 – Along with a set time for studying, students need a quiet place to study and complete their homework. This area should be free of distractions and quiet, with adequate lighting.
Tip 4 – Communicate with your child’s teachers. All teachers have a personal web-site; on the web-site you will find current lesson plans, homework assignments, and schedules for those teachers.
Tip 5 – Attendance – Make sure that your child attends school everyday. You children miss out when they miss school.